Bibliography - STCSE

Students' and Teachers' Conceptions and Science Education

Compiled by Reinders Duit

Formerly: Helga Pfundt & Reinders Duit
Bibliography - Students' Alternative Frameworks and Science Education
Bibliographie - Schülervorstellungen und naturwissenschaftlicher Unterricht

New and Final Version
"March 2009"
The bibliography attempts to document research on teaching and learning science with a certain emphasis on research from constructivist perspectives. The role of various students' and teachers' conceptions in the teaching and learning process is given particular attention. The bibliography includes about 8400 entries. Articles on empirical investigations and theoretical issues are taken into account. The sources are the leading journals and publications on teaching and learning science, proceedings, conference papers and occasional papers in English and German.   The bibliography is based on a collection of papers on students' pre-instructional (alternative) conceptions Helga Pfundt started in the late 70s. Since 1984 Reinders Duit has taken care of the bibliography. Initially, the focus was on students' conceptions of various science topics. As this area has developed towards constructivist perspectives of conceptual change the emphasis of the bibliography has also changed. The new name of the bibliography takes these changes into account.

Please notice: This is the last version of the bibliography available. After more than 30 years it has become more and more difficult to adjust the initial system of keywords to the rapid developments in science education research. A major revision of the bibliography would be necessary. As new powerful search means have become available it does not seem necessary any more to continue the bibliography.

Reinders Duit, March 23, 2009

  Major issues documented:
  • Theoretical orientation of studies on teaching and learning science
  • Students' conceptions of various kinds
  • Teachers' conceptions of various kinds
  • Instruction taking conceptions into account (e.g., conceptual change approaches)
  • Teacher education
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