Wolfgang Bünder, Karlheinz Rebel (Eds.)

Teacher Education - Theoretical Requirements and Professional Reality

Proceedings of the 13th Seminar of the International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE),
Comburg, April 21-23, 1993

2 Volumes, 710 pp.
Kiel: IPN, 1997
ISBN 3-89088-117-3
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For the first time, the International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE) held its "Annual International Seminar for Teacher Education" 1993 in Germany.
ISTE annually attracts delegates to its Seminars from more than thirty countries and five continents. It has established itself as a significant forum for teacher education, its theory, and practice.


Keynote Addresses

Rainer Bromme, Germany
The Teacher as an Expert: Everyday Concepts and Some Facts about the Knowledge Base of the Teaching Profession

Christa Händle, Germany
The Double Socialization of Teachers in Formal Courses and in Everyday Life

Andreas Helmke, Germany
Educational Research on Classroom Instruction and its Effects: Shortcomings, Dead Ends, and Future Perspectives

Manfred Saller, Germany
Teacher In-Service in Baden-Württemberg: The Main Principals of the Newly Developed Conception

Angelika C. Wagner, Germany
Knots in Thinking and the Art of Looking - Implications of Research Teachers' Cognitions for Teacher Education

Group 1 (Visions and Models for Their Realization)

George A. Churukian and Corey R. Lock, U.S.A.
How I Became a Teacher Educator: A Global Narrative Story

Cornel DaCosta, England
The Teacher as Refugee and Migrant

Pieter M. Kachelhoffer, Republic of South Africa
Teacher Training Models for the New South Africa

Phyllis Kapuscinski, Elisabeth Cooper, Caroline Krentz, Linda Goulet and Nancy Browne, Canada
Program Change in Teacher Education: Reflections on Invisible Work

Robert B. O'Brien, New Zealand
New Zealand's Teachers Refresher Courses

George Stoumbis and Jean Casey, U.S.A.
Teacher Induction Programs: Job Satisfaction and Retention

Emmett L. Wright, U.S.A.
Restructuring Pre-Service Elementary Science Teacher Preparation: A Constructivist, Collaborative Model

Group 2 (The Learning of Teachers and Their Socialization)

Catherine Gaffey and Helen Woodward, Australia
Early Decision Making: From Student to Teacher

Victoria P. Jaus, U.S.A.
When Theory Meets Reality: The Student Teaching Experience - A Pilot Study

Michael Kaye, Australia
The Adult Communication Management Perspective of Vocational Teaching and Training: A Rationale for Vocational Teacher Education

Charles B. Myers, U.S.A.
Fantasies about Schools and Teacher Education Programs as Inclusive Learning Communities, and Ideas about Getting There from Here

Jeff Passe, U.S.A.
Developing Perspectives of Social Studies Instruction: A Longitudinal Case Study

Johannes A. Slabbert, Republic of South Africa
A Modern Leraning Model as Basis for Teacher Education

Trudi A. Taylor, U.S.A.
A Performance Assessment Process for Ensuring Quality Outcomes in Pre-Service Teacher Preparation

Gabriele von Engelhardt and Walther Zifreund, Germany
Therapy-Oriented Diagnostics

Group 3 (About Teacher Knowledge)

Raymond T. Chodzinski, Canada
The Goals of Beginning Teachers: Towards an Image

Elizabeth Cooper, Nancy Browne, Sharon Mulloch and Jennifer Ansell, Canada
Taking Our Way There: Social Construction in Teacher Education

Warren Halloway, Australia
A Study of Centre - Periphery Curriculum Innovation Involving Secondary Geography Student Research

Paul A. Hellgren, Finland (+)
The Dialectic of School Curriculum and Teacher Education

Rosemary Hunter and Sybil Fay Wilson
Changing Curriculum Directions: Implications for Teacher Preparation

Bruce A. Jeans, Australia
Teacher Knowledge: Text and Context

Roy Killen, Australia
Helping Teachers to Learn Their Own Classrooms

Charles B. Myers, U.S.A.
Case Study of the Beginning Knowledge of Beginning Teacher Education Students in the U.S.A.

Peter Olsen, Australia
The Effect of the Classroom Context on Teacher Decision Making

Group 4 (The Professionalization of Teachers)

Tony Barnes, England
The IT-INSET Approach to Teacher Training

Neil Dempster and Lloyd Logan, Australia
School Development Planning and the In-Service Education Needs of Teachers

Gordon Fulcher, England
A New Initiative in Teacher Training in the United Kingdom

James D. Greenberg, U.S.A.
How Do We Value Teaching? Voices of the Students

Spaet Henriksen, Denmark
Teaching Professionalism

Bruce A. Jeans, Australia
Teacher Education: Socialization and Professionalization

Craig Kissock, U.S.A.
Teacher Education - Parochial or Universal?

Robert D. Meade, U.S.A.
Changing Chronic Failure to Success

Donald K. Sharpes. U.S.A.
Educational Qualifications for Teachers in Former Soviet Republics

Group 5

Marie N. DeLorenzo and Patricia Constantino, U.S.A.
Developing a Professional Portfolio: A Model for Preservice and Inservice Teachers

Anne Killen, Australia
Improving Teacher Education by Developing the Reflectiveness and Thinking of Teacher Educators

Caroline Krentz and LeOra Cordis, Canada
Student Teachers Speak: Constructing Personal Meaning of Teaching

Anna-Liisa Leino, Finland, and Margareth Drankenberg, Sweden
The Role of Metaphor in Teacher Education

Jarkko Leino, Finland
Cooperative Reflection in Teacher Education

B. Jo McCarty, U.S.A.
Proposal Creating a Culture for an Emancipatory Curriculum

Norma C. Presmeg, U.S.A.
Images of Change: Encouraging Teacher Reflectiveness in a Pre-Service Mathematics Education Course

Yvonne Stoeger, Australia
Reflective Teaching Practice as a Form of Continued Professional Development for Foreign Language Teachers

Evaluation Report

Manfred Lang, Germany
Evaluation about Expectations, Group Work and Learning Experiences in the 1993 ISTE-Seminar

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